Coffee House Culture

Coffee House Culture, Vienna

In Vienna, coffee is not only a nice hot beverage, but rather an institution. We Viennese just love the atmosphere in the Viennese Coffee Houses. If you think we are going to the coffee house to have a nice cup of coffee and leave after that, you are mistaken. Going to the coffee house is rather a proper ritual. And we might very well stay there for the rest of the day. After all, you get served breakfast the whole day. And nobody will mind if you drink one coffee and stay there for hours. The reasons for spending time in the coffee house are manifold: It’s the place where you find us when we want to hang out, when we…

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Bookish Vienna

bookish, vienna

Vienna is one of the most bookish places on earth. And therefore the perfect place to start a book blog. Here are 6 reasons why. (Of course, I live here. So, I may be a bit biased.) 1. Vienna has been one of the intellectual capitals of Europe before and after WWII. A European city is, naturally, a city with a long cultural tradition. There are places in Vienna that still look like the 18th or 19th century. A lot of history means a lot of stuff for authors to write about. 2. Vienna is still full of this vibrant literary atmosphere. You can literally inhale the literary feeling of past times on the streets. There are lots antiquarian bookshops, public libraries and…

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