Litflick: Cloud Atlas

Why you should watch it Cloud Atlas is a compilation of great stories which are beautifully interwoven. You will have to watch it several times before you get all the cues on how each story is connected to the other. This movie is about the good within humanity, about overcoming human deficits like cowardice (Old Georgie), blind compliance with the status quo (lawyer), disbelief in oneself (composer), betrayal (publisher), inaction in the face of injustice (Sonmi-451) and the strengthening of human virtues like the search for truth (reporter Luisa Rey) and, of course, love – even under the most difficult circumstances; between two young gay men in the 1930s, between investigative reporter and employee of an unethical corporation, between clones and…

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10 points on A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

Typewriter - A Room of One's Own

1. “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write.” That’s the quintessence of Virginia Woolf’s famous essay. In Woolf’s time, of course, men usually had money and a space they could call their own, and women did not. They depended on their husband’s or father’s money and shared their space with their children or with other women of the household. That’s why Woolf phrased her statement with focus on women. Today, A Room of One’s Own can be read in a wider sense: Not only women need a room of their own – everybody does; men, women, and children. And we don’t only need it if we are to write, but if we are to…

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Sunday Short: The Selfish Giant.

Why you should read it The Selfish Giant is rather short. And it has a very sweet and memorable moral. (Although it gets a little over the top religious at the end, for my taste at least.) It is one of Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales which he wrote for his kids. If you have only read his major works like Dorian Gray and his plays, in which he mainly mocks society, you definitely shouldn’t miss this fairy tale side of him. Happy reading. The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde Every afternoon, as they were coming from school, the children used to go and play in the Giant’s garden. It was a large lovely garden, with soft green grass.  Here and there over the grass stood…

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10 points on Vienna (2005) by Eva Menasse

1. Vienna is pure Viennese feeling captured in one book. You don’t have to love Vienna (the city) to love the book, but I have to be straight with you: If you’re not in love with this city, then you’ll probably not enjoy it as much as we Vienna-lovers do. So, start loving my amazing city already! You don’t get to be the worlds most livable city 6 times in a row because of nothing. 2. Vienna is the debut novel of Austrian author Eva Menasse and was published in 2005. The German press praised it while the Austrian press criticized it, which is kind of funny because, as you may know, Germans and Austrians have a kind of rivalry going on. Maybe…

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World Literature

World literature and the Nobel Prize laureates.

“World literature” is a complicated term. It has been used in the past to refer to masterpieces of Western European literature. So, “world literature” doesn’t simply mean “literature from around the world”. It also includes a value judgement: only works of literary value are considered “literature” and the term “world” implies that this particular work of literary value is not only recognized as valuable in its country of origin, but all over the world. If you are looking for great works of literary value the Nobel laureates of literature seem like a good starting point. What their works have in common is that the Swedish academy attributed a special kind of literary value to all of them, but for different…

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